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sonali afrin
May 10, 2022
In General Discussions
The market potential of cloud AI chips cannot be underestimated. From the perspective of market prospects, although cloud AI chips do not have as many application scenarios as terminal AI chips, as the combination Fax Lists of cloud computing and AI continues to deepen, and the collaboration between cloud and terminals continues to increase, the cloud AI chip market will explode. The demand may not be inferior to the terminal AI chip too much. According to the forecast of a Fax Lists third-party agency, the global AI chip market size will reach 70 billion US dollars (about 450 billion yuan) in 2025. It is foreseeable that a large part of them must belong to cloud AI chips. The market prospect is so attractive, Fax Lists and the Internet giants have natural advantages. Of course, they will not give up this kind of meat. American Internet giants are particularly keen on the cloud AI chip market. At Goole I/O 2018, Google launched TPU3.0, an AI chip with a computing performance Fax Lists of up to 100 PFlops. The original intention of the design is to apply it to Google Cloud, so this is also the first Cloud TPU launched by Google. Following Google, Amazon also released Inferentia, a machine learning chip that powers AWS products, in late 2018. In addition, Microsoft and Facebook are also stepping up the recruitment of cloud AI chip-related talents in 2018. It is not difficult to see that the progress of the Internet giants in the United States in the cloud Fax Lists AI chip is different. Google continues to lead, followed by Amazon, and Microsoft and Facebook are desperately catching up. 03 BAT's independent research and development Fax Lists continues to break through The Chinese internet giants have performed very similarly to their American counterparts. Baidu, which is also a search engine, is the first to develop cloud AI chips.