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Reproduction on Premium Semimatte Epson Photo paper (260 g), 2021

הרוח נישקה את פניה עם רסס המים. אם אעצום עיני אוכל לחוש את נשיקתה על לחיי. (אקריליק)

Print of the origina (Impressões de arte) l: The winds kiss my face with sea spray. If I close my eyes I feel foam kiss on my cheek

Acrylic  40X50 cm

Ocean Foam

The ocean booms and rages
And something inside me stirs
at the wild beauty,
ancient power,
and feeling,
that calls my name.

O vento e a maresia beijam-me o rosto. Se fechar os olhos sinto o teu beijo  na minha face - Acrílico

The winds kiss my face with sea spray

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